Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone

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Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone

Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone: Creating a Timeless and Versatile Design

Are you in search of the perfect flooring that will cater to both modern and vintage design spaces? Look no further than the Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone hardwood line. This line is created with Character Grade European Oak that features a rugged wire-brushed surface that accentuates the warm character of the wood. This picturesque flooring solution is available in plank and herringbone patterns in five matching colors. The Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone line offers your space a timeless look that will enhance the beauty of your design space and attract the attention of any visitor.

Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone hardwood line offers design flexibility that can complement both vintage and modern style spaces. The versatility of the line makes it a popular choice if you plan to redesign down the line. The herringbone pattern of the Artisan Home Perla Gris flooring is a classic design feature that adds visual interest without overwhelming your design space. The plank pattern, on the other hand, can help create a more contemporary look that will complement a modern design space while still giving it a touch of timeless elegance.

European Oak is recognized for its warm and rich character making it a popular choice for flooring. The Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone line of hardwood flooring features European Oak that is Character Grade. What does Character Grade mean? It means that each plank or tile has variations in color, grain, and knots, which can display a unique flair on your floors. This variation gives the flooring an old-world charm and ensures your space’s warmth and comfort.

The wire-brushed surface of the Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone line creates texture that enhances the character of the wood. The wire-brushing process highlights the variation in color within the hardwood while producing a worn look that adds authenticity to the flooring. Plus, this floor can conceal scratches and dents it will accumulate over time.

The UV-cured urethane finish ensures that your Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone floors will be protected from daily wear and tear. Urethane finishes are incredibly robust and cannot be damaged quickly. This finish adds durability to the flooring, making it a practical option for high-traffic areas.

Choosing the right flooring for your design space is crucial since it sets the tone for the entire room. With Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone hardwood line, you’re not only getting a beautiful flooring option, but one that offers versatility, durability, and character. Whether your design space is vintage, modern, or somewhere in-between, Artisan Home Perla Gris Herringbone hardwood line can help create an elegant and timeless design. With its quality craftsmanship and unique visual appeal, this flooring line is an excellent investment in your home.

• Character grade European Oak
• Plank – 5/8” x 6” x RL up to 75”
Herringbone – 5/8” x 5” x 24”
• Wire brushed texture with UV-cured urethane finish
• Multi-ply construction with a 4 mm wear layer
• 50-year limited residential surface
finish warranty, 3-year limited commercial
surface finish warranty, limited lifetime
structural integrity warranty
• Glue down or nail down installation