Nova Plus Compass Materials Flooring

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Nova Plus Compass Materials Flooring

If you’re considering updating your home, getting new flooring can be one of the best ways to give your space an entirely new look and feel. However, with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one for your home. One collection that stands out in the crowd is the Nova Plus Compass Materials from Prime Oaks Collection. In this post, we’ll explore what makes this collection a top-choice for homeowners across the country.

The Nova Plus Compass Materials Flooring is made from European Oak, which is naturally durable and long-lasting. What makes it even more remarkable is its light wirebrush style, giving it a trendy, modern look while still retaining the natural grain and texture of the wood. The UV coating finish adds an extra layer of protection to keep it looking new for years to come.

The structure warranty for the Nova-Plus(304)-PRO3-Plus Collection is a lifetime guarantee that it will remain structurally sound and stable. The finish warranty is also something to highlight, with 5 years of light commercial coverage and 25 years of residential protection. This means you can enjoy your beautiful new flooring with peace of mind that it will last for decades to come.

Looking at the dimensions of the Nova Plus Compass Materials, you’ll notice the impressive plank thickness of 3/4″. This shows the quality of the product, with a thick enough layer to handle heavy traffic areas without showing any wear and tear. The plank length ranges from 2 to 7’3″, making it versatile enough to fit any room in your house. And with a width of 10.24″, it’s easy to install and looks great in any space.

The wear layer of 4mm is the perfect thickness for durability and stability, and the package of 24.63 square feet per carton means you won’t have to order too many extra items for your project. The packing also comes in 48 cartons per pallet, which helps in safe storage and delivery.

Undoubtedly, the Nova-Plus(304)-PRO3-Plus Collection is a top choice for anyone looking for durable and stylish flooring. With its European Oak material, light wirebrush style, and UV coating finish, it’s an excellent investment for any homeowner. Thanks to its structure and finish warranty, you can rest assured that this flooring will remain in top condition for decades. Plus, with its flexibility in plank length and easy installation features, it’s the perfect solution to give your home a new look. So, take your flooring up a notch with the Nova-Plus(304)-PRO3-Plus Collection today!


SPECIES:European Oak

STYLE:Light Wirebrush



FINISH WARRANTY:5 Years Light Commercial and 25 Years Residential

LENGTH(’):2’to 7’3”


WIDTH (”):10.24”





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Color Tone


Flooring Type

Engineered Hardwood


European oak



Wear Layer