Kapriz is a prominent distributor of hardware flooring in San Bruno Area. We supply our customers only with the top-quality, durable and eco-friendly products. Over 50 well-known world brands are available and the variety of natural rich colors and practical finishes is impressive.

San-BrunoHardwood Flooring San Bruno Options

Many people believe that high-quality and durable flooring materials are always expensive. Certainly, luxurious solid and engineered hardwood costs more than the practical, cost-effective analogues. But the expenses are worthy, because of:

  • the higher product quality;
  • great service and individual customer approach;
  • the flooring durability;
  • its excellent beauty, perfect style and elegance.

Additionally, the customers save on their purchases, because the prices in our stores are a lower than in the other local stores and there are beneficial sales.

Selection and Delivery

Homeowners usually select products for their living rooms, halls and kitchens while it is possible to apply the suitable technology even for the basement or bathroom. Also the greatest attention is paid to the flooring colors, beauty and interior style. You can see and touch the products in our showrooms while there is a wonderful possibility to take some samples and try them on.

We deliver the ordered materials to the customer addresses, and provide installation services. Additionally, you can ask our experts about the technology, the materials application or the necessary accessories and you will get a  be fast, complete, polite, professional and honest answer as well.

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