Finish Problems and Solutions – BLEED-BACK



Excessive Stain Saturation:

The Issue: Stain saturates excessively into the cracks between boards.
Root Cause: Overapplication of stain during the staining process.

Pigmented or Thick Stain Woes:

The Issue: Highly pigmented or thick stain fails to dry before coating with finish.
Root Cause: Use of overly pigmented or thick stains without allowing adequate drying time.

Dry Conditions During Staining:

The Issue: Overly dry conditions during staining lead to the surface of the stain drying, trapping liquid stain below.
Root Cause: Staining in excessively dry conditions without proper precautions.

Solvent Interference:

The Issue: Solvents from the finish dissolve excess stain, bringing it to the surface.
Root Cause: Incompatibility between the stain and finish products.

How to Fix Bleed-Back?

Pre-Sealer Intervention:

When Bleed-Back Occurs: If bleed-back happens before applying the sealer coat, wipe off the excess stain or buff the floor with a white pad.
Additional Step: Allow extra drying time to mitigate the issue.

Post-Finish Application Remedies:

When Bleed-Back Strikes After Finish Coats: If bleed-back occurs post-application of one or more finish coats, complete re-sanding becomes inevitable.
Proactive Measure: Trowel filling the floor before staining prevents excess stain from settling between the boards.
Strategic Buffing Technique:

During Staining: Buffing on the stain instead of excessive application helps avoid bleed-back.
Fast-Drying Sealer:* Utilize a fast-drying sealer to minimize the risk of re-dissolving the stain during subsequent finishing steps.

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