Estimating Flooring.

Calculating the amount of wood flooring needed for a project depends on a number of factors. The first, of course, is the actual square footage of the space, but you also have to consider the shape of the room. There will be some waste on every installation, but there’s usually less in rooms that are simple rectangles.

Most strip or plank flooring installations in a square room require about 5% extra flooring to allow for cutting waste and any culling defects. Rooms with many angles, jogs, or bays will require 15 to 20% more wood.


Engineered Wood Veneers.

The layers of engineered wood flooring consist of veneers laminated together at a 90° angle, which minimizes their tendency to change dimension from moisture. Engineered flooring is a great option for buildings by the water or for use in basements. Generally, the lower (or back) veneers are made from less expensive wood species. The top (or face) veneer can be manufactured from any wood species, while minimizing waste. This top layer is cut from the log by one of three different methods: rotary peeling, slicing, or sawing.

Rotary-cut veneers show a dramatic, wild graining such as that seen on plywood sub flooring. These veneers provide the best yield from the raw materials but the weakest grain structure. Sliced veneers resemble sawn veneers or boards but provide better log yields. They are stronger than rotary-sliced veneers but not quite up to sawn veneers. Sawn veneer yields the least material and costs the most to produce of the three veneer manufacturing methods, but it has the strongest grain structure.

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