St. Laurent Castellon Lm Flooring

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St. Laurent Castellon Lm Flooring engineered hardwood flooring


  • Collection: St. Laurent
  • Surface Texture: Distressed, providing a rustic and textured appearance.
  • Construction: Engineered Hardwood, offering enhanced stability and durability.
  • Color: St. Laurent Castellon, featuring a unique hue that adds warmth and character to any space.
  • Species/Visual: White Oak, known for its durability and distinctive grain patterns.
  • Gloss: Low Gloss, providing a subtle sheen that enhances the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Finish: Aluminum Oxide Finish, ensuring durability and protection against wear and tear.
  • Edge Detail: Micro Edge, creating a smooth transition between planks for a seamless look.
  • Grading: Better, indicating high-quality wood with minimal imperfections.
  • Light Sensitivity: Moderate, suitable for areas with moderate exposure to natural light.
  • Plank Width: 7 1/2 inches, offering a modern and spacious appearance.
  • Plank Length: Varying Lengths up to 72 inches, providing visual interest and a natural look.
  • Plank Thickness: 1/2 inch, offering stability and durability.

With its distressed texture, unique color, and durable construction, the St. Laurent Castellon Lm Flooring engineered hardwood flooring from is an excellent choice for adding style and character to any residential or commercial space.