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Elevate Your Home with Provence II Walnut Arzens

If you’re in the market for stunning new floors that offer an unforgettable blend of ancient and modern design, look no further than Provence II Walnut Arzens from Reward Hardwood Flooring. With its wide boards, hand-scraped texture, and warm to dark tones, these floors stand out and add sophistication to any room in your home. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes this flooring truly special, from its species to its finish and everything in between.

First, let’s talk about the species of this flooring: walnut. Walnut floors are known for being both durable and gorgeous, thanks to the wood’s rich, dark colors and swirling grain patterns. Provence II Walnut Arzens takes this to the next level with its unique cereused graining, a finishing technique that involves rubbing white pigment into the wood’s grain to create a vintage, weathered look. The result is a floor that looks like it could have been in a European castle for centuries, but with a fresh, modern twist.

Moving on to the technical specs, these boards are 1/2″ thick and a generous 7-1/2″ wide, with varying lengths ranging from 20″ to 75″. This makes for a spacious, open feel that’s especially impressive in larger rooms or open-concept living spaces. And even though Provence II is luxurious and expensive-looking, it won’t break the bank – these are engineered hardwood floors, meaning they’re made up of several layers of wood with a top layer of real walnut. This makes them more affordable than solid hardwood, but still just as durable and long-lasting.

One of the standout features of Provence II Walnut Arzens is its hand-scraped texture, which adds depth and dimension to the boards. This technique involves using tools to scrape away the top layer of wood, creating intentional grooves and marks that give the boards the appearance of being made by hand. It’s a rustic, charming look that works well in both traditional and modern spaces.

Finally, let’s talk about the finish – Provence II boasts an anti-scratch finish with Aluminum Oxide that protects the flooring from everyday wear and tear. But what really sets it apart is its ultra-matte sheen, which gives the floor a subtle, satiny glow without being too shiny or reflective. It’s the perfect finish for those who want the beauty of hardwood without the high-maintenance upkeep.

In conclusion, Provence II Walnut Arzens from Reward Hardwood Flooring is a truly magnificent addition to any home. Its mix of ancient and modern design, from its cereused graining to its hand-scraped texture, make it stand out in a sea of bland flooring options. And with its durability, affordability, and easy-to-maintain finish, it’s a practical choice as well. If you’re in the market for new floors and want something that’s both stunning and reliable, look no further than Provence II.

  1. SPECIES: Walnut
  2. THICKNESS: 1/2″ WIDTH: 7-1/2″ LENGTH: RL (20″-75″)
  3. TOP LAYER: 2mm
  4. TEXTURE: Hand-scraped
  5. GRADE: Rustic
  6. BACKING: Hardwood Plywood
  7. FINISH: Anti-scratch finish with Aluminum Oxide
  8. SHEEN: Ultra-matte