Pissarro Engineered Flooring

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Pissarro Engineered Flooring

Pissarro Engineered Flooring plank, backed by decades of experience and expertise in the hardwood flooring industry, is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the US. At Vellichor, our goal is to render and enhance the natural beauty of wood and bring the highest quality floors to your home so you can have peace of mind knowing your floors will last for generations

Collection:             ARTIST
SKU#:                     VC-904a
Name:                    PISSARRO
Species:                 European Oak
Structure:               Engineered
Texture:                 Wire Brushed
Finish:                    UV Lacquer
Dimension:            5/8″ × 7-1/2″
Wear Layer:           4mm
Length:                  74-3/4″, 50% RL
SQ.FT/Carton:       23.31

We carefully balance the goal of adding beauty and character to magnificent architectural structures while ensuring the preservation of our natural resources. We only utilize wood from responsibly managed forests in Europe and the U.S., and all the adhesives and finished we use are eco-friendly

Vellichor Floors Pissarro Engineered Flooring is quick & easy to maintain, and with a few low cost cleaning tools and a little preventative maintenance can look beautiful for years to come. In addition to maintaining a stable environment, your hardwood floor should be cleaned regularly. Simply sweep, dust mop or vacuum to remove dirt & grit. When necessary clean your floor with a hardwood floor cleaning product. NEVER USE a wax or oil based cleaning product on a polyurethane finish.

Daily cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner fitted with felt pads to avoid scratches. Do not use vacuums with beater bar or turn off beater bar before use. Whenever necessary, the floor surface can also be cleaned with a damp mop or a special spot remover/cleaner to remove stains, grease, shoe tracks etc. Never use the traditional wax or steel wool on your floor. When mopping with a well-wrung damp, lint free, cotton cloth mop,
ensure that the residual water evaporates from the floor within 1 minute. If it takes longer, then there is too much moisture on the applicator.

Vellichor Floors committed to producing flooring products that are environmentally friendly. Our products surpass the strictest health standards in the US and other countries.  Vellichor is proud to have complete environmental and quality certifications, including FloorScore, CARB phase 2, EPA, FSC and ISO9001, ISO14001, CE and etc.

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European oak, White Oak


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Color Tone


Flooring Type

Engineered Hardwood


Wire Brushed

Finish Type

UV Cured Lacquer

Wear Layer