Mediterranean Collection Vittoria

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Mediterranean Collection Vittoria Flooring

The Mediterranean Collection Vittoria by California Classics Floors is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and natural beauty, offering flooring that exudes timeless elegance. Here’s a detailed overview:

  • Material: Fine French Oak
  • Plank Dimensions: Precise planks measuring 8 inches wide and six feet in length
  • Double Smoking Technique: Utilized to age the natural Oak grain and preserve heirloom-caliber colors, creating a distinctive appearance.
  • Surface Treatment: Lightly scraped surfaces with carefully hand-carved edges and ends, enhancing its antique charm.
  • Aging Process: Begins immediately upon unpacking, resulting in varying tones from plank to plank and room to room due to exposure to natural and ambient lighting, as well as environmental factors like relative humidity and airflow.
  • Organic Response: Hardwood responds naturally to its environment, embracing imperfections that contribute to its authentic character.
  • Engineered Construction: Features a 4mm sawn veneer and is sealed with 8 coats of Valspar for superior resistance and durability.
  • Dimensions: Planks are 8 inches wide, 72 inches long, with a thickness of 9/16 inches.
  • Coverage: Each carton covers 24.41 square feet.

With its carefully selected French Oak, sophisticated color palette, wire brushed surfaces, and engineered construction, the Mediterranean Collection Vittoria offers flooring that seamlessly blends aesthetics with durability, making it an ideal choice for enhancing the beauty of any space.

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