Medieval Alsace Spc Flooring

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Medieval Alsace Spc Flooring

The Timeless Elegance of Medieval Alsace SPC Flooring

There’s no denying the effect of a beautiful floor on the entire look and feel of a room. And Medieval Alsace SPC flooring can transform your home into a serene space of balance and timeless elegance. With its natural look and balance, Alsace flooring offers versatility in both design and aesthetics, making it perfect for any décor or style. In this blog post, we will dive into the beauty and functionality of Alsace SPC flooring, and how it can change the feel of your home.

The Alsace SPC flooring is constructed from 70% stone polymer composite, providing a surface that’s incredibly strong and durable. With a density of 2,100 psi and a commercial wear layer of 0.5mm/20mil, this flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas such as offices or entryways. The planks come in dimensions of 7″ (180mm) x 48″ (1220mm), with a thickness of 6.5mm and an attached 1.5mm IXPE anti-microbial acoustic underlayment. This layer ensures that the floor will be both warmer and quieter, making it more comfortable to walk on and reducing sound transfer throughout the home.

A unique feature of Medieval Alsace SPC Flooring is the Prime Urethane with Ceramic Bead Coating finish. This finish guarantees longevity for the flooring, eliminating scratches or scuffing. The ceramic bead coating adds to its visual aesthetic appeal and makes it easy to clean. Cleaning is as simple as sweeping or mopping with a soft, damp cloth.

One of the best things about Alsace SPC flooring is the ease of installation. The flooring comes with a Uniclic glueless floating click system and a micro-bevel profile that ensures planks click together securely without the need for any special tools or experience. This makes it easy for anyone to install the flooring themselves, even those with no prior experience.

Medieval Alsace SPC Flooring is incredibly versatile, providing a perfect balance between natural wood flooring and contemporary chic design. The planks have cool toned browns with subtle, demure hints of grey, making them an excellent fit for both traditional and modern décor. Alsace SPC flooring can work anywhere in the home, from a sophisticated living room filled with leather-bound books to a cutting-edge, ultra-modern kitchen with bold colors and industrial-grade appliances. Each room can be decorated to suit your specific needs and taste without sacrificing style.

The Medieval Alsace SPC Flooring is perfect for anyone looking for a visually appealing and durable floor that’s easy to install. The natural look and balance make it perfect for any décor or style, from traditional to contemporary. It’s low maintenance and comes with a waterproof finish that guarantees longevity, making it a practical and stylish flooring solution. With a reliable locking system that can be easily installed without prior experience, Alsace SPC flooring is perfect for DIY home renovations. So, if you’re planning to renovate your home, don’t hesitate to try out Alsace SPC Flooring for a touch of timeless elegance.

Construction: 70% Stone Polymer Composite
Dimensions: 9″ (228mm) x 60″ (1524mm)
Finish: Prime Urethane with Ceramic Bead Coating
Thickness: 8mm (Attached 1.5mm IXPE Anti-Microbial Acoustic Underlayment)
Clicking System: Uniclic Glueless Floating Click
Profile: Micro-Bevel
​Density: 2,100 psi
Commercial Wear Layer: 0.5mm/20mil
Sqft/Box: 18.80

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Medieval Floors

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