Lauzon Cork Plank

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Lauzon Cork Plank

The Lauzon Cork Plank offers a unique and sustainable flooring option with its European White Oak species and Character grade. With a refined texture and a mid-brown color tone, this flooring exudes warmth and sophistication.

Featuring an ultra-matte sheen of 10%, the Lauzon Cork Plank provides a subtle yet elegant finish to any space. Its 8″ width and engineered multiply construction make it durable and versatile for various settings. At 9/16″ thick, with a 4mm wear layer, it offers resilience against wear and scratches.

The multi-length planks, with lengths up to 87″ (2.2 m), create a dynamic visual effect, while the micro-V edges add depth and definition to each plank. Additionally, the TitaniumTM technology provides ultimate protection against wear and scratches, as well as slowing down the natural yellowing process caused by light. Its antibacterial properties help maintain a clean and hygienic surface.

Furthermore, the Pure GeniusTM feature actively purifies the floor surface and indoor air by breaking down the molecular structure of contaminants like VOCs and formaldehyde. This not only eliminates odors but also increases the flooring’s water-repellent capacity, ensuring a healthier indoor environment.

Overall, Lauzon Cork Plank combines beauty, durability, and sustainability, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious homeowners seeking high-quality flooring with advanced features.