Elite Natural Natural Aged Oaks Collection

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Elite Natural Natural Aged Oaks Collection

Wood Flooring is essential in enhancing the aesthetic value of any home or office space. It is a vital aspect of interiors that reflects the personality and outlook of an individual or organization. When it comes to wood flooring options, hardwood floors are always a popular choice. They are beautiful, durable, and add a timeless appeal to any room. One such popular choice is Elite Natural Natural Aged Oaks Collection, a part of the Natural Aged Oaks collection from a leading flooring manufacturer. In this blog post, we will discuss the features, benefits, and specifications of Elite Natural-NAO1.

The Natural Aged Oaks collection is synonymous with elegance and beauty, and the Elite Natural-NAO1 is no exception. This floor comes in a light wire-brushed style, and the European Oak species adds a timeless appeal. The real charm of this floor is its natural and earthy tones that bring out a rustic look and feel. The light wire-brushed style provides a unique texture that adds character and depth to the floor.

One of the most significant advantages of Elite Natural Natural Aged Oaks Collection is its durability. It comes with a lifetime structural warranty and finishes warranty of 5 years for light commercial and 25 years for residential use. The UV coating finish provides an added layer of protection from scratches and other damages. Elite Natural-NAO1’s unique features made it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as an office lobby, a living room, or even a dining area.

Elite Natural Natural Aged Oaks Collection dimension also adds to its attractiveness. It’s a wide plank flooring comes in a width of 8.7 inches and a thickness of 3/4 inches. The wear layer of 4mm helps withstand everyday wear and tear. The floor comes in a range of lengths to cater to different design needs, varying from 2 feet to 7 feet and 3 inches. With the unique dimensions and style, Elite Natural-NAO1 adds elegance and rustic charm to any room.

Elite Natural-NAO1 also comes in convenient packaging, with 20.84 square feet per carton and 52 cartons per pallet. Such packaging makes it easy to handle and install, and it is also eco-friendly.

Elite Natural Natural Aged Oaks Collection is an excellent choice for those who love high-quality, long-lasting, rustic hardwood flooring. The European Oak species adds a classic charm, while the light wire-brushed style and natural tones add character and depth to any room. With its unique features such as the structural warranty, UV coating finish, and packaging, Elite Natural-NAO1 is a go-to choice for home and office spaces that require durability and elegance. If you are looking for a flooring option that enhances the aesthetics and value of your interiors, Elite Natural-NAO1 is the way to go. Come visit our biggest Flooring Store.

MODEL:Elite Natural

SPECIES:European Oak

STYLE:Light Wirebrush



FINISH WARRANTY:5 Years Light Commercial and 25 Years Residential

LENGTH(’):2’to 7’3”


WIDTH (”):8.7″




Additional information

Flooring Type

Engineered Hardwood


European oak

Wear Layer