Boen Chaletino Live Pure Oak India Grey

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Boen Chaletino Live Pure Oak India Grey

  • Product Type: Plank (Extra Wide)
  • Wood: Oak India Grey
  • Dimensions: 3/4″ x 11-3/4″ x 108″
  • Productline Details: Castle, with bevel
  • Connection: Tongue & Groove (T&G) Installation, Nail/Glue down
  • Floor Heating: Yes
  • Surface: Live Pure Finish
  • Appearance: Brown floors
  • Style: [Not specified]

The Boen Chaletino Live Pure Oak India Grey features extra wide plank flooring that brings a luxurious and expansive feel to any space. The Castle productline details include a beveled edge, enhancing the rich texture and depth of the wood. The India Grey oak provides a sophisticated brown hue, perfect for adding warmth and elegance to your interior. The Live Pure finish ensures durability and easy maintenance, while the Tongue & Groove connection system allows for secure nail or glue down installation. Suitable for use with floor heating systems, this flooring option combines comfort, style, and functionality seamlessly.

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