Astoria Pro NAO5

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Astoria Pro NAO5

Are you in search of the perfect flooring solution that will make heads turn? Look no further than Astoria Pro-NAO5. This is not just any ordinary hardwood flooring solution but a combination of luxury, durability, and timeless beauty. Astoria Pro-NAO5 is without a doubt one of the most stunning collections of natural aged oaks flooring that is a must-have for any modern home or business. In this blog, we explore what makes Astoria Pro-NAO5 such a sought-after wood flooring solution, its specifications, and the different reasons why you should consider investing in this luxurious solution.

Astoria Pro-NAO5 boasts of a light wire-brushed style that gives your space a classic look and feel of luxury that is hard to match. The unique European Oak used in its design ensures that Astoria Pro-NAO5 is durable, can withstand heavy traffic, and is easy to maintain. Its 4mm wear layer ensures that it can withstand daily wear and tear associated with homes and businesses, making it an investment worth making.

Astoria Pro-NAO5 comes with a lifetime structural warranty giving you peace of mind knowing that your wide board flooring solution is designed to stand the test of time. The finish warranty is also remarkable, lasting 5 years for light commercial and 25 years for residential use. These warranties are a guarantee that you are investing in a top-quality flooring solution designed to give you value for your money.

Astoria Pro-NAO5 comes in a range of sizes from 2′ to 7’3” lengths, 3/4” plank thickness, and an 8.7” width. Since its wide plank flooring, It’s easy to install and comes with a package of 20.84 sqft/carton and 52 cartons/pallet. The packaging is convenient and manageable, making the installation process smooth and seamless.

Astoria Pro-NAO5 is a nod to Mother Nature with the natural beauty of European Oak flooring that adds elegance and sophistication to any space. The light wire-brushed finish gives it a unique texture that easily blends with any décor in both modern and traditional settings. Its natural grains and textures offer a timeless look that never goes out of style.

The unique design of Astoria Pro-NAO5 makes it ideal for use in residential and commercial spaces. It’s perfect for high traffic areas such as hallways, living areas, and commercial spaces like retail stores. Its durability and timeless design make it a choice for spaces that need a classic touch of luxury.

Astoria Pro-NAO5 is a flooring solution that offers immense value, beauty, and durability to give your space a lasting impression. From its luxurious style to its unmatched durability, it is designed to endure high traffic areas and demands of modern living. With the warranty, packaging, and natural beauty, there is no doubt that Astoria Pro-NAO5 is worth every penny invested. So, if you’re looking for the perfect flooring solution to take your home or business to the next level, look no further than Astoria Pro-NAO5. See this beautiful  wide plank flooring in our Flooring Store in Santa Clara CA

MODEL:Astoria Pro

SPECIES:European Oak

STYLE:Light Wirebrush



FINISH WARRANTY:5 Years Light Commercial and 25 Years Residential

LENGTH(’):2′ to 7’3”


WIDTH (”):8.7″




Additional information

Color Tone

Light, Medium

Flooring Type

Engineered Hardwood


European oak

Wear Layer