Kapriz is a principal distributor and installer of top-quality hardwood floors in Daly City. Architects, interior designers, contractors and residents of San Mateo County can find everything they need for their sophisticated renovation or construction projects in our showrooms. The range of materials includes various products, suitable as for luxurious interiors and for unpretentious premises. All necessary Daly City hardwood flooring products and accessories can be purchased from the single location and that is really convenient.

Daly CityHardwood Flooring Daly City The Customer Benefits

Being a modern and customer-oriented company, we also offer the possibility of ordering online while professional consultations can be provided by our experienced and knowledgeable experts by phone or by e-mail. Additionally, our customers will be surprised by:

  • our affordable prices;
  • great selection of materials and accessories;
  • high-quality products;
  • excellent level of service.

The Price and Delivery

The cost is important for contractors and interior designers who plan and turn into reality large-scale renovation projects. The decisions of local homeowners also depend on their budgets. That’s why, knowing that engineered hardwood or wide plank flooring prices in Daly City are the lowest in our stores, while the brands are reliable and the quality is high, our regular customers are satisfied with their purchase.

We deliver the materials throughout San Mateo County, and the professional installation services can be ordered at reasonable prices. Additionally, we are honest and listen to the customers, both wholesale and retail ones.

Flooring on Sale

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