Unfinished European White Oak Hardwood Flooring

$6.00 $3.25

Unfinished European White Oak Hardwood Flooring

We have some beautiful Unfinished European White Oak Hardwood Flooring, extremely rare, unfinished French cut European White Oak.

European oak has a slower growing cycle which produces tighter grain which means it is harder, stronger and heavier. As a result it is much more tolerant to wear and tear and it doesn’t  expand or contract to any great extend.  It makes European White Oak not only perfect for your home but mountain or ocean cabins as well. The cut, itself is very different from traditional oak flooring. Europeans do not sort their oak into categories such as select, common#1, rift and so forth,  it includes all three traditional cuts (plain, rift and quarter sawn) and all grades of wood (select or better, common#1, and #2), as result it has a very natural and authentic look.  Get this exclusive product for regular’s product price.
Product Type: Solid
Connection: Tongue & Groove
Finish: Unfinished
Style: Smooth
Color: Unfinished
Species: European White Oak
Install Option: Only Glue & Nail
Sizes: 4″, 5″
Length: 2′-10′ long
Thick: 3/4′ .
Grade: Character

4″- $3.25 per sq foot

5″- $3.5 per sq foot

7″ – $4.00 per sq feet (about 1500 sq feet available)




Kapriz Flooring



Finish Type


Floor heating


Flooring Type

Solid Hardwood



Installation Type

Nail and Glue Down


European oak




3″, 8″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″