Domaine Braize Engineered Floors

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Domaine Braize Engineered Floors

Domaine Braize Engineered Floors is named for the forests of France that have been managed for centuries to provide the best quality European Oak. These heavily constructed, consistently long-length floors have the same sanding surface as solid wood floors and will last for generations to come. Featuring a durable German UV Oil finish, the Domaine collection is beauty without compromise, with a range of gorgeous colors created through smoking and advanced “reactive” stain technologies.

Our mission is to create premier quality wide plank hardwood flooring, leveraging the most sophisticated modern finishing techniques that enhance, rather than cover over, the natural beauty of European Oak, Walnut and Hickory engineered floors.

We choose to source only the highest quality woods and build our floors to the strictest standards. This unwavering commitment to quality results in what we believe to be the finest hardwood flooring available. Monarch Plank flooring is offered in a wide range of distinct sizes and finishes that are appropriate for residential and commercial use.

Engineered hardwood floors compare to Solid hardwood flooring, engineered wood floors have superior resistance to slightly lower and higher moisture levels, which makes them more practical for use in damp basements or regions with higher or lower than standard humidity levels.

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  1. SPECIES: European Oak
  2. THICKNESS: 3/4″ WIDTH: 9- 1/2″”. LENGTH: 8′
  3. TOP LAYER: 6 mm Sawn Top Layer
  4. TEXTURE: Smooth
  6. GRADE: Rustic
  7. BACKING: Hardwood Lumber
  8. FINISH: UV Oil

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European oak


Monarch Plank Flooring

Color Tone

Dark, Medium

Flooring Type

Engineered Hardwood

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